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kjøp Diazepam valium i sverige uten resept, vi har rask levering av Diazepam valium og selges i originalemballasje til dørstokken innen 24 timer Lagre denne informasjonen, det kan hende du må lese den på nytt. Spør legen din, apoteket eller sykepleieren dersom du har ytterligere spørsmål. Dette legemidlet er kun skrevet ut til deg. Ikke gi det til andre. Det kan skade dem, selv om de viser tegn på sykdom som ligner på deg. Kontakt lege, apotek eller sykepleier dersom du opplever bivirkninger. Dette gjelder også for eventuelle bivirkninger som ikke er nevnt i denne informasjonen. Se avsnitt 4. Navnet på medisinen din er Diazepam Desitin Rectal Solution. I dette pakningsvedlegget brukes begrepet «Diazepam» eller «Diazepam-løsning». I denne brosjyren finner du informasjon om: 1. HVA DIAZEPAM DESITIN ER OG HVA DET BRUKES TIL 2. HVA DU MÅ VITE FØR DU BRUKER DIAZEPAM-LØSNING 3. HVORDAN DU BRUKER DIAZEPAM DESITIN 4. MULIGE BIVIRKNINGER 5. HVORDAN DU OPPBEVARER DIAZEPAM-LØSNING 6. INNHOLD I EMBALLASJE OG ANNEN INFORMASJON Diazepam tilhører en gruppe legemidler som kalles benzodiazepiner. Disse brukes som beroligende og antikonvulsiva (for å kontrollere kramper), eller for å slappe av anspente muskler. Diazepam brukes for å kontrollere epileptiske anfall eller feberkramper som beroligende midler ved mindre operasjoner eller tannbehandlinger for muskelspasmer ved tetanus for alvorlig, lammende eller ekstremt smertefull angst eller opprørt Diazepam-løsning kan brukes som ovenfor når en injeksjon er upraktisk eller uønsket. Diazepam-løsning kan være nyttig for umiddelbar behandling av anfall hos barn.

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38 reviews for Diazepam valium

  1. Gina

    Produktet ditt er det beste

  2. Karl

    Det hjalp virkelig. Takk

  3. Djibril

    If you’re having doubts placing an order, I highly recommend you do. They came through for me and it helped me a lot. Thanks guys will order again

  4. Linde

    My pleasure ordering from you guys and also for on time delivery

  5. Sebastian

    Helps tremendously in regards to my anxiety & panic attacks.

  6. Benzo Benny

    Denne medisinen har vært så gunstig på flere måter. Jeg lider av muskeldystrofi, nevropati og svekkende angst. Jeg har prøvd mange medisiner, inkludert andre benzodiazepiner, og diazepam fungerer best! Veldig beroligende i begynnelsen, men når jeg ble vant til det har livskvaliteten min blitt betraktelig forbedret. Jeg tar 10 mg opptil 3-4 ganger daglig etter behov. Jeg begynte på denne medisinen og doseringen for litt mindre enn et tiår siden, og den fungerer fortsatt utmerket, og jeg har ikke noe ønske om å misbruke den.

  7. Amy Kate

    Flott for angst og for å roe racing tanker.

  8. Ragnar

    I’m a Vietnam vet. Panic anxiety attacks. This medication Valium works very well with me. It is truly the only medication that I have taken that takes the insomnia away I can relax I can go about my day it works very well. I’m very well pleased with it I have no more anxiety panic attacks. I take 10 mg two times a day… And since I’m a veteran all my medication is free so I paid nothing for it.

  9. Hrooar

    Valium has been a life saver for pelvic pain/muscle spasms. I have been diagnosed w/ Chronic myofascial pain from my Obturator Internus (hip muscle) which causes vaginal pain and spasms. I could no longer sit or drive. I had to quit my job because of the pain. The Dr’s had «human guinea» pigged me and tried me on Amitriptyline, Lyrica, Gabapentin, Cymbalta, Zoloft, Prozac, and Aleve. Not one of those garbage meds helped me. Finally Valium has helped. I am the one who researched it and found that it is used for muscle spasm. On top of all the garbage meds docs had me try, I had 8 different nerve blocks + botox which did nothing. It seems like no Doc wants to prescribe a medicine that actually works because it’s a Benzo. But I don’t abuse meds and I don’t have an addictive personality and the docs know that. I was desperate and started the process to go to Mayo clinic over the pain it caused. I am happy to share any info.

  10. Holger

    I am in grief after my Son and Grandson passed away. I am a totally natural medication person. But I went to see a Dr My 1st in 21 years. I do not get ill. Have not had flu in those years as well. The Dr recommended 5mg of Valium. I take a quarter to sleep at times and at times. I take it day time. I have had no addiction to it. And have no desire to take more. So all I can say is. Thank You Valium for helping me.

  11. Hoder

    I have had very bad anxiety since I was in my teens. Tried all sorts of other tablets nothing worked for me. I couldn’t leave the house, no girlfriends. Then I was put on valium (diazepam). I take 10mg in the morning and 10mg at night and have done for 24 years. Changed my life. Got a great job, married, 2 kids, never took more than I was given.

  12. Hjalmar

    I’ve been on just about every benzodiazapine there is and Valium (diazepam) is all around the best for combating debilitating anxiety symptoms.

  13. Herleif

    Valium is a drug that can be a life saver or destroyer. This drug for me helps me as long as I have it under control.

  14. Halvar

    Diazepam work very good for my anxiety with no side effects.

  15. Gudbrand

    It helps calm me down from my mood swings. I sleep better. And I have chronic pain daily, an somehow it helps relieve my pain as well.

  16. Geir

    I have been taking Valium for a little over 20 years for insomnia, anxiety and PTSD. I take 5mg in the evening and 2.5 mg (1/2 tablet) as needed during the day. It works great, no side effects.

  17. Erik

    I have seizures and vertigo and it works for both. I also take tegretol and meclizine. I take 5 mg of valium 3x a day. I also have anxiety and panic attacks. Works very well for me.

  18. Einar

    Only medication that had worked for a number of mental and physical disabilities. Was able to stop taking hormone replacement therapy.

  19. Brynjar

    Easy to use a generic sub for valium

  20. Brandt

    After many years of Alcohol abuse (100 units a week) I decided to take action to curb my addiction and issues with alcohol. I was prescribed valium for the withdrawal process and it worked.

  21. Bard

    This drug has helped me get off of the drug Xanax

  22. Asger

    I suffer from grand mal epilepsy and also partial seizures and with this comes the anxiety, diazapam has helped greatly when I feel very stressed I am sure it has prevented more seizures, all I can say is I feel if I had not started taking diazapam along side keppra (anticonvulsant drug), I would be very ill, and probably would of ended up in hospital due to seizures.

  23. Valkyrie

    After having 4 operations, anxiety and pain … I have had difficulty in sleeping. Diazepam has been helpful in relaxing me to the point where I am able to sleep and wake naturally without side effects.

  24. Urszula

    I have severe anxiety to the point I nearly need to be hospitalized. Valium has been a life saver. It gives me the ability to break the anxiety cycle. I do find I get very drowsy and heavy. I take anywhere up to 10mg per dose. Averaging at 4-6mg and up to 4 times a day. Helps me to sleep and have a restful night.

  25. Ulka

    I’m 28 years old with chronic anxiety. Been on 20 mg’s for 5 years. It still works. I knew about dependency, and accepted it. I will say long term use is last solution. As it impairs memory. Great for chronic anxiety as it builds up in your system. It gave me my life back.

  26. Branka

    I have used this drug off and on for 30yrs & have found it to be the safest drug with the least side effects. I use it to help sleep from various conditions over the years from CFS after EBV, damage to hip & shoulder after lifting a parent & being unable to walk for 4yrs, and seizures caused by a head injury 20yrs ago. You wake up with no hangover effect & able to think straight not like a lot of the drugs out there. I was put on an antidepressant once which I took myself off after one week because of the drowsiness the next day.

  27. Brina

    I take 1.25 to 2mg daily. It has given me quality of life

  28. Ebbe

    I have tried everything over the last few years for my anxiety and depression (Xanax, prozac, sertriline) but nothing works better than Diazepam. It helps you to relax and feel yourself again. I highly recommend Diazepam.

  29. Serrilda

    Started a very small dose for anxiety/panic attacks in my early 20ies and it afforded me a normal life. I’m now 75yrs old and I sometimes still take one 2.5mg at bedtime. I am grateful that valium served me very well over the many years & my life would have been horrible without it from 1965 and continuing even now in 2019.

  30. Lova

    This medicine combined with Lexapro has literally given me my life back. My brother died less than 2 months ago and I had cripplingly anxiety, couldn’t sleep and when I could I’d have nightmares.

  31. Labrenda

    I find diazepam to be a very effective drug for anxiety. It works well for sleep and produces a general calming effect. It can be very addictive though so please use with caution. Oh! And also great for a hangover. Just take it easy.

  32. Kindra

    Silver bullet for muscle spasms. No side effects and no withdrawal. If used correctly no addiction, however there will always be those people who abuse it and mess it up for the ones who use it as necessary.

  33. Hunnulv

    Wonderful drug. Puts me to sleep and I wake up feeling great – no hangover

  34. Hildi

    I found diazepam to be extremely helpful in treatment of neuropathy and muscle spasms. 10mg taken two to three times daily has improved my quality of life tremendously. I am grateful for the effectiveness of this med and how much my life has improved.

  35. Freydis

    Been on diazepam for 6 months now and this drug is a miracle worker! I suffer bad anxiety in the morning and affect my life tremendously. I only take 2mg in the morning and sometimes 2mg at night but it makes me feel relaxed and normal again. It takes away my anxiousness and left eye twitching. I don’t feel like I have to get out of simple interactions with people. I’m still new to this drug but so far it’s 5 stars from me.

  36. Hilde

    Great when you’re off your nut and can’t sleep. Wake up feeling fresh as a daisy

  37. Hedda

    I’ve been taking valium for over 5 years now and it’s has helped me improve my quality of life greatly. There’s little to no unwanted side effects. I’m extremely satisfied with this medication and have only benefited from using it.

  38. Hedda

    This medication has been so beneficial in several ways. I suffer from muscular dystrophy, neuropathy, and debilitating anxiety. I have tried many medications, including other benzodiazepines, and diazepam works the best! Very sedating at first but once I got used to that my quality of life has greatly improved.

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